Staying Safe with Electricity

E-learning Course Introduction Electric shocks can cause extremely serious injuries and even be fatal. Not only do employers have a moral duty to help prevent such incidents, they are also required by law to do everything possible to ensure the safety and health of their employees under the Health and Safety at Work Act. The staying safe with… Read more »

Staying Safe with Vehicles

E-learning Course Introduction Although most employees will have driving experience it is vital that employers provide health and safety training for those working with vehicles. This Staying safe with vehicles course provides employees with the knowledge of health and safety risks and safety precautions they can use. The online course contains content including: How to stay safe around… Read more »

Staying Safe with Noise

E-learning Course Introduction Noisy work situations can lead to serious hearing problems within the workforce. If noise is not managed employees can face loss of hearing, deafness and they could seek compensation from employers who have not provided adequate training and safe working methods in order to reduce the risks. Employers also face prosecution for not ensuring the… Read more »

Staying Safe with Hazardous Substances

E-learning Course Introduction Hazardous substances pose serious risks to those in the workplace. The substances could be used within the daily duties, be a product or a bi-product or used in the maintenance department. Sometimes substances are not seen as hazardous which increases the risks of someone being harmed or made ill. The Staying Safe with Hazardous Substances… Read more »

DSE and Workstation Risk Assessment

E-learning Course Introduction All employers have to perform risk assessments by law, even for low risk hazards. The DSE Workstation risk assessment course offers training for those who manage or work with computers and display screen as part of their job. The course contains training in the following areas: The importance of the right seating at a… Read more »

DSE and Workstation Health and Safety

E-learning Course Introduction Working in front of the screen may seem like a low risk occupation; however it can have health and safety implications on employees. It is essential to provide adequate training to all employees and this course is ideal to help provide training to those involved in duties involving computers. Being inactive for long periods of… Read more »

Risk Assessment for Managers

E-learning Course Introduction Risk assessments have to be carried out within organisations in order to help reduce risks and help to control dangers within the workplace. Risk assessments are required by law, and this course provides the skills needed by managers to understand the law and to carry out the risk assessments needed. The Risk Assessment for Managers… Read more »

Manual Handling Risk Assessment

Course Introduction The Manual Handling Risk Assessment course is designed to help managers recognise the risks associated with musculoskeletal disorders caused by manual handling. This is a major cause of injuries and reportable accidents within the workplace in the UK. Managers are taught using an online system the basics of risk assessments associated with manual handling, including: Positioning… Read more »

Safe Manual Handling

E-learning Course Introduction The Safe Manual Handling course is designed to help reduce the risks of injury during manual handling tasks. Almost 10% of all major injuries are caused by manual handling, and over a third of all over three day injuries. This is a large number that can be reduced with adequate training. Approved By RoSPA… Read more »

Introduction to Managing Health and Safety

E-learning Course Introduction Health and safety is an essential part of running an organisation. Without health and safety the loves of people at put at risk. It can cause suffering and pain, financial hardship and a commercial shortfall for the organisation and those that work for it. This course is designed to show the moral and legal duties… Read more »