IEMA Certificate in General Management

E-learning Course Introduction The IEMA Certificate in General Management e-learning training covers all the areas of knowledge an individual requires to become an Associate IEMA member. The course is designed to raise the professional competence of environmental practitioners, covering environmental sustainability, assessment, interpretation and management of environmental performance and environmental legislation. Course Key Facts The IEMA… Read more »

IEMA Foundation Course in Environmental Auditing

Classroom Course Introduction Coming soon. The IEMA Foundation Course in Environmental Auditing will equip trainee environmental auditors with the basic knowledge and awareness necessary to participate effectively in environmental audits and other related activities. For those delegates who successfully complete the IEMA Foundation Course in Environmental Auditing, does not infer that they will have the competence to… Read more »

IEMA Certificate in General Management

Classroom Course Introduction This is a great course which teaches the importance of environmental issues and the impacts business can have. All delegates are provided with extensive training in how to identify issues and how they evolve with a focus on how these issues can be successfully incorporated and managed within the company. The impacts of social activities… Read more »

IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management

Classroom Course Introduction The aims of the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management is to provide a good grounding to help assist with managing the environmental impact on the environment. The main focus is to build awareness and appreciate the background surrounding current environmental issues. The topics covered over the two days include: Appreciate how environmental issues evolve… Read more »

IEMA Environmental Awareness

Classroom Course Introduction The IEMA Environmental Awareness training teaches individuals how they are able to reduce their impact on the environment. It provides a basic introduction to core environmental issues. There are six modules which cover topics such as: Environment Natural cycles and life support systems Discovering what is going wrong How to improve sustainable developments The… Read more »