There are a number of reasons why first aid is so important, such as encouraging general safety, preventing casualties’ conditions from worsening and, ultimately, saving lives. Ideally, everyone would have a basic knowledge of what first aid is, why it is important, how to apply it and what do to in an emergency.

Basic First Aid Training

This training course describes what first aid is and why it is important. It also provides sufficient information for the user to be able to apply first aid safely and effectively to different types of casualty.

Course Content

  • What first aid is and why it is important
  • UK first aid law and regulations
  • Employers’ responsibilities
  • Managing an injury incident
  • What to do in a medical emergency
  • Treating casualties including: Unconscious casualty (breathing and not breathing), Respiratory problems, Bleeding, Effects of extreme heat and cold, Medical problems

Course Duration

  • 40 minutes

Target Audience

  • Anyone with a need or desire to learn about basic first aid

This training course is available in audio and non-audio and is delivered via the internet in the form of e-learning.