Classroom Course Introduction

If you wish to sell alcohol you must hold the appropriate license and the BIIAB Award for Personal License holders is the perfect course for you. On the course you will be able to understand the need for the license as well as the application process so you’ll have complete understanding of the whole process. You must pass an accredited course to obtain the license and the BIIAB is the perfect choice. You will leave knowing your legal duties and the possible offences which could lead to legal problems and the consequences they could result in in the future if they’re not avoided. The training also includes:

  • The prohibitions on the sale of alcohol and the powers the police have to enforce the law
  • How licensed premises could be shut down or the license be suspended
  • Understand operating schedules
  • Define the duties of the license holder and the person who has been designated the role of supervisor
  • Knowing how to protect children and the consequences of breaching the law when it comes to those under the age of 18
  • What happens if you don’t comply with the law
  • Understand the effects of alcohol and what alcohol can do to the human body
  • Know how to identify the various strengths of alcohol

The training has been designed especially to be compatible for people who have not attended any training courses in a number of years. The tutor will provide full support and there is always an element of fun included in the training to help relieve any worries concerning the assessment. This approach has resulted in a very positive success rate among all candidates.

Who is the BIIAB Award for Personal License Holders Course Aimed Towards?

The BIIAB Award for Personal License Holders course is designed for anyone who hopes to sell alcohol, or will be in the position to authorise the selling of alcohol in England or Wales. So if you are planning on selling alcohol in your establishment or hold an event you will need the license to ensure you’re not breaking the law. If you are looking to sell in Scotland you will need to attend the BIIAB Scottish Certificate for Personal Licenses Holders course instead.

Gain a Recognised BIIAB Qualification

The Award for Personal License Holders is an accredited examination for anyone looking to obtain the National Certificate for Personal License Holders. You must pass an accredited course before obtaining a license which is stated in the Licensing Act 2003 legislation.

APLH Course Duration

The course will only take one day to complete. You can find training centres all over England and Wales and the courses are available at frequent intervals so there is no need to wait for long periods of time to attend the course and gain the certificate you need to become licensed to sell alcohol.

Assessment and Success

In order to pass the BIIAB Award for Personal License Holders course you will have to sit an assessment and successfully pass it. The assessment is in two parts and involves 40 multiple choice questions. You will be given forty minutes to complete the assessment. The assessment is sat on the same day of training. If you would like to learn more please contact our team of advisors who will be happy to answer your questions or book your place on the next suitable opening.

Benefits for Employers

Mangers and business owners must have a personal license to sell alcohol by law. This short course will prepare anyone seeking the license to be aware of the legislations, application process and learn new skills to help when selling alcohol.