Classroom Course Introduction

If you are looking to sell alcohol in Scotland you need to have a personal license. In order to obtain a personal license you must first attend a course which has been approved to help show that you are a suitable person to become a license holder. The BIIAB Scottish Personal License Holder certificate will help support your application and is an accredited course making it the ideal choice for you.

The course concentrates on the Scottish Government syllabus which has been designed to ensure all candidates will be fully aware of the law when it comes to the sale of alcohol. The training will ensure that you leave knowing:

  • What the responsibilities of the Licensing Boards and the Standards Officers are and how they relate to you as a seller of alcohol
  • What the application process involves for the personal license and the conditions and discretions
  • How to protect children and stay within the law regarding the sale of alcohol
  • Conducting risk assessments and operating schedules
  • How to recognise, cope and prevent with disorderly and drunken behaviour
  • What the licensed hours are and the responsible sale of alcohol
  • What happens if the license holder doesn’t follow the laws and the penalties
  • The effects alcohol has on the body and the different strengths of drinks
  • The rights of entry

Who is the Course Aimed Towards?

If you would like to sell alcohol on your premises or at any kind of event you need to hold a personal license. By law you must have attended a course which has been approved and accredited about what’s involved in selling alcohol and the BIIAB Scottish Personal License Holders Certificate is the ideal course for anyone looking to start selling alcoholic drinks in Scotland. If you are looking to sell in England and Wales you will need to attend the BIIAB Award for Personal Licenses Holders course instead

Gain a Recognised Qualification

Under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 it is necessary to attend and hold a licensing course and qualification. This course offered by BIIAB is fully approved and uses the syllabus created by the Scottish Government. You will learn everything you need to know including the application process for the license to help you be successful in your application.

Course Duration

The course has been designed to be fully completed in just one day. There are many training venues that hold the course and it is possible to attend throughout the year.

Assessment and Success

At the end of the training day you will need to sit an assessment. The assessment is a short multiple choice questionnaire and you will be provided with all the information you need during the course to help you pass the test. All candidates training is supported by a SCPLH handbook. If you would like to book your place on the next possible course, or wish to ask further questions please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

Benefits for Employers

It’s essential that anyone who sells alcohol must hold the correct personal license. The information provided on the course will provide excellent knowledge and skills concerning the sale of alcohol, legislation and the law and help those applying for the license to be accepted.