Classroom Course Introduction

During the CCNSG Safety Passport Renewal course delegates will go over the latest health and safety regulations as set out in the legislations and Health and Safety at Work Act. During the CCNSG Safety Passport Renewal course attendees will be brought up to speed on the latest changes and new legislations and safe practices in the construction industry. All sections of the Site Safety Passport course will be refreshed covering areas such as:

  • Understanding health and safety laws
  • Safe working practices for access and exciting and scaffolding
  • Describing procedures for accidents on-site and first aid
  • Precautions and procedures for fire, noise and excavations
  • Understanding the theories for manual handling
  • Defining regulations regarding working with heavy equipment and cranes

Delegates will also go over spotting and identifying hazards and how to analyse safety on the job. All of the statutory requirements as set out by the Health and Safety Executive are covered in this course.

Who is the Renewal Course Aimed Towards?

This is a refresher course designed for anyone who has previously attended and passed the ECITB CCNSG Safety Passport course. This course must be taken within three months of the passport expiry date. The Safety Passport is for anyone contractor or sub contracted to work within the construction and engineering industries. It is also suitable for employees in the maintenance and installation sectors.

Gain a Recognised and ECITB / CCNSG Qualification

Anyone who is able to successfully pass the course will have their CCNSG Safety Passport validated for a further three years. This is a recognised qualification within the construction industries and often a minimum requirement for many companies taking on new contractors and sub-contractors.

Course Duration

The CCNSG Safety Passport Renewal course takes just one day. There are numerous locations available to take the course and it runs throughout the year.

Assessment and Success

You will be assessed throughout the course. Those who are successful will be awarded a valid ECITB CCNSG Safety Passport which will remain valid for another three years.

Benefits for Employers

The health and safety on site can be managed more successfully thanks to the training provided to all contractors through the ECITB accredited CCCNSG Safety Passport. Maintain a strong health and safety ethic with qualified employees and sub-contractors and show your compliance with the law.

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