Introducing the CDM 2015 in Practice Course

What is CDM 2015? 2015 is a significant year for health and safety in the construction industry. The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations are going to be overhauled for the first time in eight years. In that relatively short span of time, a great deal has changed in the industry and this change must be reflected in legislation. For those that working in the industry, this means some minor re-training is necessary. The changes will, pending parliamentary approval, come into effect in April and so there is limited time in which the industry can acquaint itself with the new rules.

These changes are, in the main, centred on simplifying the existing rules and making them easier to understand. While there has been an overall improvement in the state of health and safety in the construction sector, those working in it still stand a higher chance of suffering from an accident than those working other sectors. The new regulations are intended to help combat this.

The best way to get acquaint yourself with the changes is to attend a course. For those working in key positions, or those whose role requires that they understand the regulations in detail, the more comprehensive of these – CDM 2015 in Practice – is the more suitable.

What Does CDM 2015 in Practice Training Consist Of?

The course will provide an introduction to the regulations, as well as looking in more detail at some of the specific areas of interest. The course’s focus lies in particular with the ‘interactive’ duties the new rules bestow upon the five ‘duty holders’, namely the Designer, the Contractor, the Principal Designer, the Principal Contractor and the Client – terms whose meaning will, along with those of many other terms, be detailed as part of the course. Of these five, it is the latter three on which the course’s focus largely lies. Those who perform those roles should therefore find this course of particular use.

As well as outlining the duties required of those performing these roles, the course will also convey a great deal of detail covering the various documentation which are necessary to prove that these duties have been properly completed.

Attendees will be given an understanding of the regulations which could not be achieved by simply reading it. They will be given precise instruction on what the terms mean and how the changes will affect them in their day-to-day roles. This will be done through lectures, as well as interactive elements like quizzes and question-and-answer sections. If you are looking to familiarise yourself – or your employees – with these changes, then there is no better way of doing so.

Of course, any subject, no matter how interesting, can be made dull and un-engaging if taught badly.

As you might imagine, this danger is all the more severe when the subject is something as dry as health and safety! For this reason, the success or failure of a course such as this will hinge largely on the quality of the tuition. Fortunately, the tutors of these courses are all excellent.

Tutor support will be also provided by highly-qualified professions, all of whom are amply experienced in health and safety in the construction sector. All of the materials provided as part of the course are created specifically for the purpose and have been stringently edited so that they are precise, concise and current as possible.

It is important that those in positions of responsibility within construction feel assured in their knowledge of the law. The course will therefore provide those who attend it not only with the knowledge necessary to perform well in their current positions, but the confidence with which to use that knowledge effectively. The principle source of this confidence is the qualification attained at the end of the course. Those that pass can be assured that they have attained a thorough understanding of what is required of them.

How is the CDM Course Assessed?

The course is assessed in an hour-long open-book examination. Those that complete the examination successfully will be presented with a certificate in order to prove it.

Where and When Does the Course Take Place?

The course takes place across two days, at locations throughout the UK, in venues in:

  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Central London
  • Darlington
  • Heathrow
  • Wakefield
  • Warrington

Alternative Study Option

If you require a more flexible option try the CDM 2015 in Practice E-learning version of the course.