E-learning Course Introduction

Fire poses one of the biggest risks to a large loss of life in the workforce. By law all employers need to comply with the Fire Safety Order. Anyone failing to comply with the order faces prosecution and even imprisonment. The fire safety and evacuation e-learning course can help to show you are complying with the law by providing training for all employees so that they are aware of their part to play should a fire break out at work.

The fire safety and evacuation course covers multiple areas including:

  • The responsibilities of employers and the employees
  • Flammable substances and fire risks
  • Electricity and fire risks
  • The importance of good housekeeping
  • The use of fire doors
  • How to use fire extinguishers effectively
  • How to evacuate safely
  • What to do if trapped by fire
  • How to deal with fire casualties

Approved By

  • RoSPA

Who is the Course Aimed Towards?

This online course is suitable to all new employees and any workers that require additional training or need a refresher course. The course is delivered online so can be taken at a time and place to suit the employer and employees.

Gain a Recognised Qualification

Delegates receive training and an understanding of fire safety and evacuation which can be used on a CV.

Course Duration

The online fire safety and evacuation course lasts for 45 minutes

Assessment and Success

Completion of the training gives employees the basic knowledge regarding fire safety. This can help individuals stay calm in a fire; learn how to prevent fires and how to remain safe.

Benefits for Employers

All employers have to provide fire training to all of their employees in order to prevent loss of life. This is a short course which shows you are working to comply with the Fire Safety Order.