Course Content

The aim of the induction course is to enable your staff to recognise why it’s important to work safely, and to understand how to handle certain key workplace risks.

Having completed the standard induction course your learners will be able to:

  • State why health and safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Describe the key health and safety responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Explain what is meant by: ‘Health and Safety Hazards‘ ‘Risk‘ and ‘Risk Assessment‘.
  • Explain the need to report injuries and near misses
  • Describe how to identify and control the following hazards and their associated risks: ‘Slips, trips and falls’ ‘Violence and Aggression at Work‘ ‘Manual handling‘ ‘Fire and evacuation

If you’re on-boarding new members for your team, you need to ensure that you set the right tone from the outset. You want them to feel that they have made the right decision in joining your organisation, and any initial learning experience plays a huge part in that.

On-Boarding and Introduction Safety Training

The new on-boarding and induction training course will help you achieve this impression. From an organisational perspective we also know that induction and on-boarding needs to be:

  • Consistent
  • Cost-effective
  • Start before people join your organisation or immediately after

This health and safety introduction course contains the core topics that everybody in your business needs to know, from the grassroots through to the boardroom.

This training is a flexible induction solution for any organisation.