This is a recognised and certificated environmental management course which teaches the importance of environmental issues and the impacts business can have. All delegates are provided with extensive training in how to identify issues and how they evolve with a focus on how these issues can be successfully incorporated and managed within the company. The impacts of social activities on the earth’s natural systems are studied as well as outlining the ethical, social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability are related to one another. Other topics covered during the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management course include:

  • Determining what the main environmental legislations are
  • How to instigate management control to reduce pollution and to comply with legislations
  • Designing and implementing processes for the management, assessment and interpretation of environmental performance.
  • The regulatory process

Who is the IEMA Course Aimed Towards?

This course is designed for any employees that are responsible for environmental issues in the workplace including how to manage them and what the implications for the business are.

Which Examination Body is the Training Accredited By?

Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)

Will I Gain a Recognised Environmental Management Qualification?

Yes. The Certificate in Environmental Management is awarded by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.

What is the Duration of the IEMA Course?

The duration of the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management course is two weeks. You can choose from a number of training venues up and down the country for your convenience. Courses are offered throughout the year.

How Will the IEMA Training be Assessed?

In order to pass the training delegates are required to sit a three hour long open book examination. This tests that you have a clear understanding and are able to apply environmental management techniques. If you are successful you will receive an associate membership to the IEMA and your certificate.

What are the Benefits for My Employers?

Employers will benefit by having trained and qualified environmental managers on their team. The impact on the environment can be successfully managed to help reduce waste and costs.

Do You Offer an Alternative or More Flexible Learning Method?

Yes. The IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management is also available in e-learning format.