Classroom Course Introduction

The IOSH Directing Safely course is for small to medium enterprises employing less than 250 employees and provides senior personnel with an appreciation for the importance of health and safety within the workplace. All delegates will learn about their moral and legal duty to all employees and will provide the skills required to implement a strong health and safety strategy. The course is based upon the principles found in the:

  • Health and Safety Executive Guidance
  • Turnbull Report
  • The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007
  • Institute of Directors and HSC

Official Qualification

  • IOSH Directing Safely

Common Course Questions and Answers

Below we have provided a list of common questions and answers so please take a moment to read them before you book your IOSH Directing Safely training. If you have questions which we have not answered please call 0844 5766750 to ask one of our training coordinators.

What will the IOSH Training Teach Me?

During the course delegates will be trained in areas such as:

  • Using good business sense when it comes to health and safety management
  • Raising awareness and how to avoid getting it wrong resulting in injuries or even death of an employee and prosecution
  • How to get health and safety right by complying with legislation and knowing the differences between Regulations, Acts and Approved Codes of Practice
  • Planning such as the importance of risk assessments as a way of controlling risks and for coming up with safe methods of work to help minimise the dangers
  • Recognise that your employees need to be trained to ensure they are able to carry out their work safely and effectively helping to improve their performance on the job
  • The importance of measuring the effectiveness of the health and safety policies and management within the organisation, including reactive and active monitoring
  • How to use action plans, target dates, the importance of allocating responsibility and performance indicators as a way of constantly striving to improve the performance

Which Examination Body is the Course Accredited By?

  • Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

Who is the IOSH Directing Safely Course Aimed Toward?

The IOSH Directing Safely course is designed for those who hold senior positions in any organisation
or sector such as directors and business owners. It aims to provide health and safety training to help
with management and strategic planning.

Will I Gain a Recognised Health and Safety Qualification?

Yes. The IOSH is the awarding body of this recognised qualification. They are the Chartered body for
health and safety which makes this course a fantastic choice for all those who have a responsibility
for providing health and safety management within any organisation.

What is the Duration of the Training?

The Directing Safely course lasts for just one day and is available at various locations throughout the UK. The training course runs throughout the year for your convenience.

How Will the Course be Assesed?

Once the course has been completed all delegates will be given a 15 minute exam which consists
of ten multiple choice questions. If the delegate passes the exam they are awarded with the IOSH
Directing Safely Certificate.

What are the Benefits for my Employer?

All employers have a legal duty to ensure that the health and safety of their employees is managed
and implemented effectively. Prosecution is inevitable for those who don’t comply with legislation.
This course will help to make directors and business owners aware of the law and their moral duties
and will benefit the whole organisation as a whole.