Classroom Course Introduction

The IOSH Working Safely course teaches how individual and collective actions play a role in the health and safety of the workplace. This is a basic course introducing the main concepts or health and safety and their direct responsibilities. This course matches the Health and Safety Executive’s Passport syllabus and also meets the government guidelines for the introductory health and safety training. The core skills that will be taken away with each successful delegate include:

  • Identifying workplace hazards and evaluating risks
  • Cooperation and communication concerning the health and safety in the workplace
  • How to carry out work without risk to those around them and themselves
  • Following the health and safety policy of their employers
  • Assisting the preparation of risk assessments with their managers
  • How to follow precautions in the workplace relating to specific risks
  • Seeking help and advice concerning workplace precautions
  • Environmental Impact

Official Qualification

  • IOSH Working Safely

IOSH Working Safely Course

Below we have provided a list of common questions and answers so please take a moment to read them before you book your IOSH Working Safely training. If you have questions which we have not answered please call 0844 5766750 to ask one of our training coordinators.

Which Examination Body is the Course Accredited by?

Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

Who is the IOSH Working Safely Course Aimed Towards?

The IOSH Working Safely course is suited to all levels of personnel, especially those who have not
had any health and safety training.

Will I Gain a Recognised Health and Safety Certificate?

You receive a nationally recognised certificate from the awarding body of this course, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. The IOSH is the world’s largest body for health and safety

What is the Duration of the IOSH Training?

The course lasts for just one day and is available in various locations throughout the year. It is
possible to take the course online through e-learning or in a classroom environment.

How Will the Course be Assessed?

The assessment is built into the content of the IOSH Woring Safely course, there are no follow up tests to sit.

What are the Benefits for My Employers?

Employers will gain employees who have received a nationally recognised certificate in working
safely. This will help to promote good health and safety practices and contribute to a safe working environment.