Classroom Course Introduction

Working at any height comes with serious risks. This Ladder Association course trains the delegates how to work in a way that will reduce the risk of injury to themselves and to others. The objectives which are taught by tutors cover important topics such as understanding the current statutory regulations regarding working at height, identifying the various types of ladders and steps, how to carry and use ladders and steps safely and the importance of performing regular inspections.

Delegates are expected to attend the course where they will cover a large agenda which includes elements such as:

  • Health and safety and the current legislations
  • Asking questions such as Is the ladder strong enough, safe enough, long enough for the task and the user
  • Why you need ladder inspections and the defects to look out for
  • Risk assessments and responsibilities
  • How to inspect ladders
  • The correct way of using ladders and steps

Who is the Ladder and Stepladder Course Aimed Towards?

Anyone who may be asked to use ladders or steps in their work would be advised to take this course. It is aimed at all levels and there are no pre-requisites.

Gain a Recognised Qualification

The BLMA (Ladder Association) provides an ID card for all successful delegates, and you also receive a certificate to prove you have undertaken training in using steps and ladders. These are recognised as a way to prove your capabilities. The Ladder and Steps training has been updated to reflect the latest changes in the Working at Height Regulations.

Course Duration

This course lasts for one day, and offers six hours of training. You will need to attend one of the many training centres to take this course as it is not offered in-house.

Assessment and Success

Candidates are given a multiple choice paper question and answer session at the end of the training. Providing you manage to successfully complete the course you will be awarded with a certificate in Ladder and Steps training and an ID card from the Ladder Association. The photo ID card is valid for a period of five years.

Benefits for Employers

Employers benefit from having trained employees who are aware of the dangers when working with ladders and steps. You can show that you are complying with legislation and ensuring you provide adequate training for anyone expected to work using this equipment. This will also help to control and minimise the risks involved when working at height.