This NEBOSH Construction Certificate E-learning course is designed for anyone within a managerial or supervisory role in the utilities or construction industry in the UK.

The online nature of this course makes it very convenient. An employer will be able to monitor the progress of multiple students throughout the course and the course is designed with interactive activities that make learning more enjoyable. You will be able to access this course online at anytime from anywhere in the world.

The course includes 162 hours of study and it can be done in a flexible way and can be completed around your schedule.

NEBOSH Construction Certificate E-learning Overview

This National Construction Certification guide by NEBOSH will teach you everything that you need to know about ensuring a safe workplace. Some of the units that the course will focus on include:

  • Unit NGC1: How to Manage Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • Unit NCC1: Dealing with Hazards in Construction
  • Unit NCC2: How to Apply Construction Safety and Health Principles to the Workplace

When you complete all of the modules within the course you will be ready for the exam. The course includes examination practice papers, as well as a mock exam to prepare you for the final exam. The structure of the online exam has been designed to help you progress through the material in a gradual and cumulative way. You will be able to track your progress within your personal history file. This course will allow you to take mock exams so that you can practice and prepare for the final test.

What’s Included in the E-learning Course?

The online course includes a number of elements that will boost your learning experience, such as:

  • Helpful Time Management Tools – The course includes a time tracker that will allow you to record your study time and manage your schedule.
  • Learning Overview – Each of the modules is clearly outlined and the course explains what is expected to be learnt.
  • A Range of Learning Materials – The study materials included in the course are suited to different learning styles.
  • Practice Exams – You will be able to take practice written and multiple choice exams in order to test your knowledge and understanding.
  • Interactive Activities – The course will include a lot of interactive exercises such as drag and drop challenges that require sorting items into categories and hazard identification that involves identifying potential hazards in an image of a standard workplace.

Other Helpful Features

This course also has other fantastic helpful features, including a study schedule that will make it easier for you to prioritise your time. It also features a personal history that will track all of the exercises you have done and the study time required, broken down by each module of the course. You will also be able to create and print notes that feature full formatting options.

While you are undergoing the course you will have the full support of a tutor and you will have access to an excellent range of resources, including sample exams, useful links, a syllabus, exam paper exercises and much more. The course is designed to facilitate your learning and to make the material easier to understand.

Final Exam

Completion of the course will be determined by a final exam. In order to prepare you will be able to sit a one-hour time based assessment and a two-hour mock examination paper. When you feel that you are ready to take the exam you can contact us and we will arrange the examination at a venue in Wiltshire. (sometimes exams may take place at other venues). Please let us know within six weeks in advance if you would like to schedule an exam.

If you would like more information about the NEBOSH Construction Certificate E-learning or any of the other courses that we have to offer, you can feel free to contact us at any time.

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