This NVQ Level 3 Decorative Finishing & Painting Occupations – Painting & Decorating course has been designed to cater to painting and finishing professionals at work in the construction industry. Learners will gain a standard of expertise and competence that’s expected by the industry, along with a vocational qualification that’ll demonstrate that competence to would-be employers.

Who is this NVQ 3 Painting & Decorating Course For?

If you’re a painter or decorator looking to obtain a Gold Advanced Craft Card, then this NVQ Level 3 painting and decorating course will provide a fantastic route toward that goal. You’ll need to be employed, and at least sixteen years old, in order to be considered.

Course Content

This NVQ is structured in a similar way to the other NVQs we offer. At the centre are seven mandatory units, which provide a broad base of knowledge for painters and finishers:

  • Maintaining and Developing Good Occupational Working Relationships
  • Dismantling and Erecting Access Working Platforms
  • Applying Paint Systems to Complex Surfaces by Brush
  • Confirming Resources and Work Activities for an Occupational Work Area
  • Confirming the Occupational Method of Work
  • Preparing Surfaces for Painting and Decorating
  • Conforming to General Health, Welfare and Safety

Learners will also need to complete one of the following two units:

  • Hanging Wide-width Vinyls in the Workplace
  • Hanging Standard Paper Wall Coverings

And finally, one from the following fourteen:

  • Applying Coatings by the Air Spray Method
  • Hanging Wall Coverings to Complex Surfaces
  • Producing Comb Textured Finishes
  • Installing Decorative Mouldings and Coving
  • Producing Broken Colour Work
  • Producing Straight Edge Grained Effects
  • Producing Marbling Effects
  • Applying and Producing Complex Stencils
  • Hanging Specialised Paper Wall Coverings
  • Applying Metal Leaf to Surfaces
  • Applying Coatings to Produce Textured Finishes
  • Producing Stencil Designs using Pre-cut Stencil Plates
  • Producing Quality Replica Grained Finishes
  • Producing Quality Replica Marble Finishes

Course Duration

This NVQ Level 3 Decorative Finishing & Painting Occupations – Painting & Decorating course takes between 9-18 months from beginning to end.

Assessment / Examination

Assessment takes place in the workplace, where you’ll be observed performing the work and asked questions about it. We’ll gather testimony from witnesses to your painting and decorating, and we’ll ask that you complete a few written questions, too. By taking this approach, we’ll get the truest possible reflection of your overall competence as a painter and decorator.

How to Enrol

Take the first step by getting in touch with us. Do so via our contact form, or, if you’d prefer, by making a provisional booking online. From there, we’ll be able to get the ball rolling toward your National Vocational Qualification!

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