This NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Occupational Work Supervision course has been created for learners working in the construction industry. It provides a qualification widely-recognised across that industry, with which workers will be able to demonstrate their competency and professionalism to would-be employers, clients and collaborators.

Who is this Occupational Work Supervision Course For?

If you’re a supervisor or ganger working toward a Gold CSCS Card or Advanced Craft Card, then this NVQ Occupational Work Supervision course is for you. It’s been designed to be as practical as possible, with learning and assessment taking place in a professional environment. Applicants will need to already be employed in a suitable position, and be over the age of sixteen, in order to be considered.

Course Content

This NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Occupational Work Supervision course is structured in a manner common to all NVQ courses. There are mandatory units at the centre, which provide a broad base of relevant skills that all construction-industry positions will rely upon. Then there are specialist modules that, while optional, will contribute toward the credit value of your qualification.

Mandatory Modules

  • Maintaining and Developing good occupational working relationships
  • Organising and Coordinating work operations
  • Confirming resources and work activities for an occupational work area
  • Maintaining and Implementing health, safety and welfare in the workplace
  • Confirming the occupational method of work in the workplace

Optional Modules

  • Confirming and coordinating dimensional control requirements of the work
  • Monitoring and Allocating equipment and plant in the workplace
  • Confirming work meets quality standards in the workplace
  • Monitoring progress of work against schedules in the workplace
  • Contributing to the circulation of construction related project information in the workplace

Course Duration

To complete this NVQ in Occupational Work Supervision course takes between 9-18 months.

Assessment / Examination

Assessment takes place, for the most part, in the workplace. It’s informed by a combination of information-gathering techniques. These include observation, discussion, written questions and the collection of witness testimony. This varied approach allows us to develop a rounded picture of your competence as a workplace supervisor.

How to Enrol

If you’re looking to progress your career in the construction industry, then this NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Occupational Work Supervision course will help you to do so. Start your journey by getting in touch with us directly, or by making a provisional booking online. We’ll ask you a few questions, assign you an assessor, and set you on your way toward your qualification!

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