E-learning Course Introduction

RSI is repetitive strain injuries that are increasingly common in this technological world. The RSI – What it is and how to avoid it course provides training that can help to reduce the risks of the injuries. When not controlled RSI can lead to time off work and even force the affected individual out of their usual job as they become unable to cope with the demands. The course outlines:

  • What repetitive strain injury is
  • What can cause repetitive strain injuries
  • The symptoms
  • Prevention of repetitive strain injuries
  • Exercises and stretches that can help to prevent or relieve RSI

Approved By

  • RoSPA

Who is the RSI Course Aimed Towards?

All new starters are encouraged to take the course. Employers can also send anyone changing roles within the workplace or seen to be at risk of obtain an RSI through their duties. No previous training is required and as the course is online the training can be delivered in the workplace to save travel times and costs.

Gain a Recognised Qualification

All delegates can use the course to show they have received training on reducing the risk of RSI and understanding the causes and symptoms.

E-learning Course Duration

The online training lasts for 40 minutes and can be taken at a time and place to suit you and the candidates. We also offer the RSI Risk Assessment course.

Assessment and Success

The RSI – What it is and how to avoid it is designed to help reduce and control the risks for all delegates so they are less likely to be affected by repetitive strain injury.

Benefits for Employers

Employers can benefit by having healthy employees that do not require time off due to RSI, and who are able to perform their tasks. The risk of being sued by those affected by RSI can also be reduced by providing adequate training to your workforce.