E-learning Course Introduction

Stress is a major contributing factor to illnesses in the UK. Up to a third of ill health incidents are related to stress and can lead to more than thirty days off work for each affected individual. By controlling the risks you can help to promote good health and avoid issues with stress within your organisation.

The Stress in the Workplace Risk Assessment course helps to educate all employees on how to reduce the risks of stress. The course contains training in:

  • Organisation
  • Demands of the job
  • Controlling the job
  • Professional relationships
  • Dealing with change
  • Roles
  • Training
  • Support

Who is the Course Aimed Towards?

This is an excellent course which can be taken by everyone within any sector or organisation. The course is offered online so all employees can take the course with ease within the workplace and in working hours.

Gain a Recognised Qualification

The delegates that attend the stress in the workplace risk assessment are able to show they have received training on their CV.

Course Duration

This is a short online course which lasts for just ten minutes.

Assessment and Success

When the course has been completed the candidates will be able to manage their own stress more effectively thanks to the training they have been provided with.

Benefits for Employers

Employers benefit by having trained staff able to understand and perform stress risk assessments. This can reduce the amount of time off taken due to stress related illness, promotes good health and shows compliance with the laws regarding training.