CDM 2015 in Practice E-learning

Introducing the CDM 2015 In Practice E-learning CDM in Practice E-learning provides an in-depth explanation of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations (CDM) 2015. It is primarily targeted at people working in the key roles as defined in CDM 2015 and their responsibilities. The CDM training course is accepted by ‘The Institution of Construction Safety’… Read more »

Basic First Aid

There are a number of reasons why first aid is so important, such as encouraging general safety, preventing casualties’ conditions from worsening and, ultimately, saving lives. Ideally, everyone would have a basic knowledge of what first aid is, why it is important, how to apply it and what do to in an emergency. Basic First… Read more »

Health and Safety Introduction

Course Content The aim of the induction course is to enable your staff to recognise why it’s important to work safely, and to understand how to handle certain key workplace risks. Having completed the standard induction course your learners will be able to: State why health and safety is everyone’s responsibility Describe the key health… Read more »

NEBOSH Construction Certificate

This NEBOSH Construction Certificate E-learning course is designed for anyone within a managerial or supervisory role in the utilities or construction industry in the UK. The online nature of this course makes it very convenient. An employer will be able to monitor the progress of multiple students throughout the course and the course is designed with interactive activities… Read more »

Introduction to Working at Heights

Falling from a height is the most likely cause of a workplace fatality, according to the HSE. It is the reason for death in nearly 3 out of every 10 fatal accidents in the workplace. Knowing this, it is essential that employees know how to plan and manage job tasks so that they can avoid falling from… Read more »

Protecting the Environment at Work and Home

E-learning Course Introduction More focus is being put on the environment, and many companies seeking ways of helping reduce their impact on the climate and environment as a whole. Organisations have to provide additional training to help ensure they are hitting their environmental targets and complying with legislation regarding waste and pollution. Protecting the Environment at Work and… Read more »

Fire Safety and Evacuation

E-learning Course Introduction Fire poses one of the biggest risks to a large loss of life in the workforce. By law all employers need to comply with the Fire Safety Order. Anyone failing to comply with the order faces prosecution and even imprisonment. The fire safety and evacuation e-learning course can help to show you are complying… Read more »

Stress in the Workplace Risk Assessment

E-learning Course Introduction Stress is a major contributing factor to illnesses in the UK. Up to a third of ill health incidents are related to stress and can lead to more than thirty days off work for each affected individual. By controlling the risks you can help to promote good health and avoid issues with stress within… Read more »

RSI Risk Assessment

E-learning Course Introduction The overuse of muscles in the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders can lead to occupational overuse syndrome, or RSI. RSI risk assessment is designed to give managers the skills needed to quickly identify those in the workplace at risk of RSI and how to find ways of reducing the risks using safe methods of work…. Read more »

What is RSI and How To Avoid It

E-learning Course Introduction RSI is repetitive strain injuries that are increasingly common in this technological world. The RSI – What it is and how to avoid it course provides training that can help to reduce the risks of the injuries. When not controlled RSI can lead to time off work and even force the affected individual out of… Read more »